Bye bye FMT


Procedure went well yesterday! Unfortunately the super poop didn’t work this time! So we are stoppong treatment and continuing with the infusions and being positive!

When I was asked how I felt about it and if i was sad my first response was:

No Im not sad. Its fine! … and i genuinely meant that.

It may not have worked but in doing the trial i have helped doctors understand FMT a little more and I met a team of AMAZING people that I am so very lucky to get to work with for another year.

I was able to conquor my phobia of hospitals and sedation (3 scopes in 1 year will do that)

I was able to see how strong my body and mind is. Especially the last 16 weeks!

I came out feeling good! Hungry and sleepy… but good! And thats the main thing.

I may have to go back for another scope to get the pseudopolyp removed but after that Its a new year… new opportunity and i have 100% faith something amazing is waiting for me.

Before I went into my scope I read an oracle card and it said

‘Things may not work out the way you expected but have faith as something bigger and better is coming your way’

And i truly believe that!

To confirm this positive thinking I was also asked to be an ambassador for FMT and provide an interview for The Gut Health Exhibition in March at Melbourne Museum and also be a mentor to others struggling with IBD! I am so excited to bring awareness to this disease.

I was told by a very wise woman (Emily)… make your lessons a blessing (when she first said it about UC i thought she was crazy… how the eff can UC be a bloody blessing!?) .. but today I have just seen for the first time that i can make my UC a blessing…. my lesson is to teach others about the IBD and how you can overcome the hard times… my blessing is that I now know I am strong, capable and can overcome anything when i put my mind to it!!!



FMT update

So 2 months have passed! Where did that go!

I have been doing FMT 3 times a week for 10 weeks and today I find out of it has worked or is working.

It has been a learning experience thats for sure. I have learnt what food doesn’t digest! Like mushrooms!! Who knew! Haha.

I have learnt not to take life quite so seriously and that shit happens… literally.

Over the course of the FMT trial i also participated in a 12 week course that was to help build my mental health and boyyyy has it changed my life!

Emily Chadbourne from That Crazy thing called life is a miracle worker! Everyone needs to watch some of her content even if its just for the hilarious bloopers 😉

I am currently waiting to be admitted and other than being incredibly hungry and thirsty… I am good! I totally got this!

Will keep you updated bloggers!

Super Poo is Go!

All went great!! They impanted the super poop and said that now it is a waiting game. They are reviewing me in 2 weeks! It was really quick! In and out in under 2 hours thankfully! I am now at home resting… it does however sound like a baby dinosaur is lving in my gut… soo mant gurgles!! I am sure once i start eating they will pass… one way or another… haha

Thanks for following my journey yeaterday! I will keep my blog updated with how the home treatment is going!

Much Love B xx

It’s poop day!

So i am sat looking rather glam in my white robe and socks listening to Busted on repeat.

I am that hungry I want to eat the couch and all I can smell is food. Some kind of sadistic mofo made people fast for 24 hours and then schedule them bang on lunch time for their procedure I’m telling ya!

I am pretty gosh darn proud of how well i have handled the last 24 hours. I have done so well to be mindful and present.

Just waiting now for the Dr to come and give me the poop!! When the nurses ask what procedure i am getting done they look at me stupid when i say a poop transplant haha then ask a million questions… they must be new to the world of sharing poop too guys! We are in this together!

I decided to treat myself to sour worms and sushi after and i cannot wait!

Well… for now i am going to try and maintain my calm and listen to busted!

See you soon!! Love B xxx

Thunder poo!

Well… just as i was starting to think the drink wasn’t working. Helloo thunder poo!

All i think of in this situation is Ghost town! The scene where Ricky Gervais is prepping for his scope and gagging on the drink! Makes me giggle at least!

Hoping that it clears quickly and I can go to bed dreaming of the sushi I am getting as a treat for dinner tomorrow!!

I know this will all be so worth it in the end!! The sooner I get better the sooner I can go on honeymoon prt 3, Get my life back fully andddd the sooner Scott and I can have mini Viney’s to annoy you all!! 😉


Feacal Matter Transplant.

Taking the poop of a healthy person and putting it into a person with IBD.

They do this in hopes of reactivating the guts microbiome to working correctly.

So Scott has kindly said he will donate his poop for me. He has a cast iron stomach so Im pretty stoked! (Taking your husbands shit to a whollle new level)

We had to both go through lots of testing to make sure we were compatible and to ensure that there were no underlying diseases that could be passed onto me. Including obesity… so if your donors BMI is over 30 they won’t transplant.

They conclude that your body absorbs the bacteria of your donor which in turn has their ‘immune system’ and that absorbs too. In layman terms… or in Bobbie terms.

It is pretty interesting if you think about it! All those drugs on the market and poop can help!

There is a 50% chance of it working! Plus i get to be a guinea pig for medical science and hopefully help lots of UC/Chrons sufferers in the future.

The only thing thats bad about it… i have to physically prepare the ememas for use every 3 days..



To prepare the enema i have to take a sample from Scott morning or night and dissolve in a saline solution. Once disolved i need to strain through gauze and then insert into my rectum at night. I need to do this 3 times a week for 2 months.

After 2 months they will recheck my bowel and if there has been improvements they will continue the treatment, once a week for a year. If there are no improvements then they will cease treatment.

So! Drink one down! Drink two about to start! Will keep you posted my poop loving friends!

Love B xxx


Hey guys! Sorry it has been a while since I posted. Life just gets heavy sometimes.

I finally hit my wtf moment and took action and since then it has been a pretty amazing learning curve.

6 weeks ago I enrolled myself in a personal development course with the awesome Emily Chadbourne from A crazy thing called life (Check her out on FB she is amazing). I had participated in her free course and just HAD to be apart of her 12 week intensive course and wow! 6 weeks in and the changes already are immense!

Just so we are clear from this point out the word Anxiety is now Bubbles. So if you hear me talking about Bubbles… you know what I mean!

6 weeks ago I was a ball of bubbles, depression, anger, resentment and Jealousy. All things that as a human I am not… so it was hard! So hard! I was also in a pretty bad flare.. dropped 6 kilo in a week, couldn’t eat and feeling crapola!

Fast forward 3 weeks – with the help of steriods I now eat like a pig! Have started to regain the weight, able to adult again and… started to add new and fun things to my life that have been absent for so many years due to my bubbles.

I am now:

1. Eating a Preservative Free diet. So far so good and a week in my skin is amazing!

2. Walking! I have walked the dogs and gone for walks myself for fun for the last 5 days in a row! It feels sooo good!

3. Running! I ran around the block yesterday! I have never been a runner at the best of times.. let alone when in a UC flare (Running for me accelerates the urgency for the loo)

4. Shopping in town centres. This for me is huge. I usually only shop in small shopping centres that have toilets. So was lovely to be out im the sunshine spending time with family.

5. Managing my emotions. I am learning how to feel something and transcend through it… learning still.. but even small steps are amazing. I mean, the day before a scope i am usually so filled with bubbles I sleep all day and don’t speak. Today though I went for 3 walks, Cleaned the house, played with the dogs, pampered myself, drove to Melb and now Writing this blog! Pretty amazing feat tbh! I did this through guided meditation and visualization, affirmations and GRATITUDE!

So I have to say a huge thanks to Em for showing me that I CAN do it and that I am a MotherF#$%&ing Legend!

So.. tomorrow I am having a Feacal Matter Transplant. Poop from a donor inserted into my bowel in the hopes it restarts my dodgy microbiome into being normal!

I am nervous to drink the disgusting lemony pond water in half an hour but I just keep thinking of the amazing outcome… super poo! Courtesy of my husband!

So… blog post part one down… I will add more about what FMT is (that i know of) and how it all goes through the next 24 hours to keep you updated… if you’re interested. If not. Soz guys!

Love B xx